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Ginseng & Cardamon Combination


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Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang

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  •  Gastrointestinal Support: Gastrointestinal

Sun Ten Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang 100 capsules

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang, also known as Ginseng and Cardamon Combination is used for the patterns of Spleen Qi deficiency, Stomach Qi deficiency, stuck food and Qi stagnation.

Name: Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang
Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang is also known as: Vladimiria and Amomum Combination
Wade Giles Name: Hsiang-Sha-Liu-Chun-Tzu-Tang
Manufacturing Process: water decocted concentrate(5:1)
Serving Size: 2-4 capsules 2 times a day

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang helps with

  • Abdomen-Distention
  • Abdomen-Fullness
  • Anxiety
  • Appetite-Lacking
  • Belching
  • Digestion-Weak
  • Epigastrium-Fullness
  • Epigastrium-Pain
  • Morning Sickness
  • Nausea
  • Pain-Abdominal
  • Phlegm
  • Stomachache
  • Stool-Diarrhea
  • Stool-Loose
  • Vomiting

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang helps with these Chinese Medicine patterns

  • Spleen-Qi Deficient
  • Stomach-Qi Deficient
  • Qi-Deficient
  • Stuck Food
  • Qi-Stagnant

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang contains these ingredients

Concentrated powders of natural herbal products tend to absorb moisture from the air. Hence, it is necessary for the manufacturer to add a suitable amount of excipient to stabilize the concentrated herbal products. Non-GMO starch are used as excipients.

Pin Yin English Percentage
Bai Zhu Atractylodes (Alba) 18%
Fu Ling Poria 17.9%
Sheng Jiang Ginger (Fresh) 17.9%
Ren Shen Ginseng 8.9%
Ban Xia Pinellia 8.9%
Sha Ren Amomum 7.1%
Chen Pi (Ju Pi) Citrus Peel 7.1%
Mu Xiang (Chuang)(Cultivated) Vladimiria (Cultivated) 7.1%
Gan Cao Licorice 7.1%

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