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Ginseng & Longan Combination


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Gui Pi Tang

Good for:
  •  Sleep and Relaxation: Anxiety
  •  Sleep and Relaxation: Fatigue
  •  Sleep and Relaxation: Insomnia

Sun Ten Gui Pi Tang 100 capsules

Gui Pi Tang, also known as Ginseng and Longan Combination is used for those with blood, spleen Qi and heart Qi deficiencies.

Gui Pi Tang History

Gui Pi Tang translates as Restore the Spleen Decoction was formulated in the 13th century during the Song dynasty by Yan Yonghe, but it went through a series of revisions over the centuries. Three centuries after its creation, the formula was recorded in a book on treating women’s disorders. At that time, two more ingredients were added, and the formula’s actions and indications were completed. Gui Pi Tang was used to treat excessive worrying that caused symptoms of forgetfulness and insomnia.

What Gui Pi Tang (350) is Best For

Gui Pi Tang (350) is recommended for people with insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, nightmares, and fertility issues.

Gui Pi Tang (350) may be used for the following:

  • Concentration-Inabilities
  • Insomnia
  • Sleep-Dream Disturbed
  • Anxiety
  • Fertility
  • Fear-Paralyzing
  • Fear-Withdrawal
  • Appetite-Lacking
  • Forgetfulness
  • Stool-Constipation
  • Sweating-Night
  • Heat-Internal
  • Fatigue
  • Stool-Blood
  • Vagina-Discharge
  • Supports normal menstruation
  • Blood Loss
  • Fever
  • Weight Loss
  • Digestion-Weak
  • Face-Pale
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness

TCM Function

  • Blood-Deficient
  • Spleen-Qi Deficient
  • Heart Qi-Deficient
  • Heart Blood Deficient

Gui Pi Tang (350) Serving Size

Three capsules, two times a day.

Gui Pi Tang Ingredient Functions

Ren Shen: ginseng is best known for boosting energy

Huang Qi: astragalus root boosts the immune system and relieves fatigue

Bai Zhu: an herb that strengthens the digestion and boosts energy

Zhi Gan Cao: honey-fried licorice helps relieve fatigue and stop cough

Dang Gui: angelica root helps relieve anemic symptoms and stimulate blood circulation

Long Yan Rou: an herb that relieves insomnia and forgetfulness, and calms the mind

Yuan Zhi: an herb that calms the mind, relieves anxiety, and clears phlegm

Fu Shen: a fungus that regulates digestion and relieves insomnia

Suan Zao Ren: a seed that calms the mind and promotes restful sleep

Mu Xiang: an herb that regulates digestion, relieving abdominal pain and diarrhea

Gui Pi Tang (350) Ingredients

Pin Yin English Percentage
Ren Shen Ginseng 9.7%
Bai Zhu Atractylodes (Alba) 9.7%
Fu Ling Poria 9.7%
Suan Zao Ren Zizyphus 9.7%
Long Yan Rou Longan Fruit 9.7%
Huang Qi (Bei) Astragalus Root 9.7%
Dang Gui (Shen) Tangkuei 9.7%
Yuan Zhi Polygala 9.7%
Sheng Jiang Ginger (Fresh) 6.5%
Da Zao (Red) Jujube – dates(Red) 6.5%
Mu Xiang (Chuang)(Cultivated) Vladimiria (Cultivated) 4.7%
Zhi Gan Cao Licorice (Baked) 4.7%

Gui Pi Tang (350) Side Effects

Consult your healthcare provider.

Gui Pi Tang (350) Where to Buy

Gui Pi Tang (350) product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Gui Pi Tang (350) Online here at or our clinic.

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